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About Us

We are passionate about producing healthy, pesticide-free, sustainable Greens, all year around.

Taza turns office spaces into modular smart farms where crops are grown vertically. LED and hydroponics technology allows us to condense acres of farmland into an office. We can grow 5 times the amount of vegetables compared to a regular field farm. Moreover, we grow 365 days a year, providing consistent and highly nutritious fresh produce, almost at the point of consumption.


Our Story

Taza was born during the 2020 pandemic by a group of students with a mission to create social impact. The company competed in 2020 UN sponsored Hult prize accelerator where they competed for the $1-million-dollar award. Since the Taza has received $100k in seed capital funding from the Hult prize, with the aim of addressing 11 of the 17 UN development goals.

Taza is doing this by building vertical indoor farms which are growing the most nutritious plants possible for the betterment of our environment.Reducing the waste and carbon footprint of fresh produce by growing near the point of consumption. 

"What grows here changes everything"


Meet The Team

Our Clients

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